The Dreams That Reading Einstein Spawns

I had some weird dreams last light.I think it might be from reading a bunch of stuff about theoretical physics because of the new strip on

the first dream.

It started out with me moving into a new house only I wasn’t me I was someone else.the person I have become is about 30-40 years old with a youthful spirit,a man,sturdily built,in pretty good shape with a kind rugged handsomeness that comes from working hard all your life and by his complexion it looked like he had probably worked out in the sun for years but not recently because his tan was very faded but his skin still had that kind-of cooked look.
I don’t know exactly why i was moving but i had a feeling i had to move to get a new job.
So i was moving boxes into my new house that was very white(no it wasn’t the white house)it wasn’t very big, only one bedroom in the back that connected to a small living-room in front that had the entrance,a door-less archway connected the living room to the small kitchen/dining room and at the back of the kitchen was a door that connected to the bathroom that was also connected to the bedroom forming a full circle.It was painted white on the outside,all the walls and carpet on the inside were white, very clean white,it felt very new and while I was moving in a dog(I think it was a yellow lab) came along,it liked me and i liked it so we adopted each other.

I don’t remember what happened after that but then it was sometime in the future and i was living in the house with the dog and i suddenly remembered that i had forgotten I had a wife and kids back where I had moved from.So I decided I should go visit them and I left the dog at the new house because he could take care of himself and I didn’t want to take him on the plane but it still felt lonely leaving him.

So then i was at my old house going to met my family that i didn’t really remember.The house was out in the woods somewhere, it was pretty dark because not much sun was getting though the thick canopy of leaves.It was quite a contrast to my new house that was very bright and sunny and on its own on a sparse hill.My old house was really more of a really big,very expensive and modern looking two-story log cabin.The inside was decorated to match the surroundings,with dark earthy colors,woven rugs hanging on the wall,dim orange mood lighting.

As i approached the house I was met by a dog that they had apparently gotten while I was gone.I didn’t recognize the breed but it looked like a mix between a Bernese mountain dog and a Collie.It barked at me for a minute then ran back in the house.I entered the house and walked into a large room with a high ceiling that went all the way up to the second floor.there was a staircase on the wall to my left, it started in the middle of the wall,went up a bit turned right and went to the second floor.In the corner in front of the stairs there was a wooden desk with a computer on it.In the chair at the desk sat my son,he was about 13-14,wearing blue jeans and a gray hoodie. His face was lit by the blue glow of the computer screen as he turned and give me a “Oh it’s you..” look and went back to what he was doing on the computer.
I saw my next kid walking by,on her phone, near the stair case on the second floor, she was a little older then the boy, about 15,she was wearing a pink,gray and black horizontal striped sweater with stretched out arms to long for her.She noticed me and i waved, she gave a quick wave back and continued with her conversation.Then my wife and last oldest kid came up to give me a proper greeting.My wife,a women of about 35-40,she was probably on the younger side but stress had aged her,her hair was blond,she looked a bit frail and stressed.
My daughter was about 18,she took after her mother a lot but time and stress had not yet caught up with her,she carried her self like a much old person,she had obviously taken my place as her mothers support.

Things get fuzzy after that, i seem to recall us talking in the kitchen about what had happened while we were apart,I don’t recall exactly what was said but remember getting the feeling that they had gotten the dog to replace me not being there,that i had definitely left to try and earn some money after I had lost my job awhile ago,we all know that we were doing are best to get by but the stress was taking a much bigger toll on them then it was on me because they were still trying to maintain a more lavish lifestyle then i was.I felt bad that I couldn’t do more to help and that i felt like a stranger in my own home and felt bad at myself because I wished I could just go back to my new home and my dog and forget about what was happening.

End dream one

Dream two

I was still the same man but it was night and I was on a yacht.

I was a camera man for a documentary about a man who was as rich as he was crazy..and he was very rich.He was young, about 20, and very thin and It was his yacht. The women who was hosting the film was trying to get him to answer question while he walk around the boat and I followed them with the camera.But then he got the idea that I was trying to kill him and so he started trying to kill me first. So I was running around the boat trying to get away from him.I ended up jumping off the boat into the water trying to lose him in the darkness.He forgot about me right away but then as I was swimming to shore he thought I was a fish.A fish who was trying to kill he started chasing me with the boat.I realized i wasn’t going to lose him so I held my breath and dived down as far as I could and tried to swim for shore under water but thankfully as I was under a real fish swam by at the surface and he started chasing it instead.I tried to get back to the surface but had been down so long I didn’t know if i would make it back up.

End dream two.

That dream was pretty frightening but also very invigorating.I really like to swim but don’t get to do it much so it would have been refreshing had it not been for that whole swimming for my life and all..but it was rather exciting..

Dream three

I was now me.

I woke up in my bed in the middle of the night and it seems really normal and I don’t know I am still dreaming.I Pull an iPad type thing out from somewhere,but it’s not an iPad because it slides out a full keyboard like a cellphone.I can’t get it to turn on because I can’t get my wi-fi internet.I look over at my cable modem and see it blinking the red and orange error lights like crazy.

End dream three

Dream four

My memory of this one is pretty sketchy but I’ll tell you what i remember.

I don’t know who I was but I was with the kids from the new Electric Company kids show on PBS.The bad guys from the show were trying to kill us and instead of having word powers like in the show they(or at least one of them) had the power to control lightning so we had to hide in a brick club house. and while we were in there I saw something in the corner.It looked like a clear shimmering outline of a person attaching some-kind of box to the wall.I realized immediately that it was a cloaked red spy from Team Fortress 2 trying to blowup the building.I chased him outside and as i rounded a corner he was gone, but there was a controller looking box with a big red button on it siting in a hedge at the bottom of a 7 foot ledge that was cut into a hill for landscaping reasons.I walked over and picked it up controller and when i did the spy un-cloaked up on ledge.he took his cigarette out of his mouth,blow a puff of smoke and said “you may have won this time..(he took another drag of his cigarette)but next time you will not be so lucky”

End dream four.

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