Pardon Our Dapper Dust

You walk down the street and notice that something is being constructed on the lot that had been empty for years.It’s nothing but metal beams right now but you peek through a hole in the fence anyway and see four finely dressed gentlemen arguing about how to use a rivet gun.

“I told you it wasn’t as easy as it looks.Your always such a hard-headed fool James. “says the one in the Top Hat

” Oh shut up Richard, I think I have it now.Look i just put a rivet though my shoe!..Oh dear…” Says the large one in the fedora that now has a rivet in his foot

“Can’t we just get the workers back? Giving them free doughnuts every day is surely worth it so we don’t have to be out in this Intolerable heat.” Says the small frail looking one in the derby hat.

” I think I’m feeling a bit faint..” Says James

“Your right Danny we do need the workers back,we’ll never get the site done at this rate.But I think we should get James to a doctor first to get that rivet out.” Says the tall one in a flat cap with an Irish accent

“Miles I told you not to call me ‘Danny‘,my name is ‘Daniel’,’Danny‘ is a name for commoners.” Says Daniel

“MY fathers name was Danny and if you insult his good name again I’ll drive You through James foot.” Says Miles

“Must you two always argue like school children,it’s not suited to men of our stature.Why if someone were to see I think I would have to die from the shame of it all.” says Richard


“Now look what you two have done” Miles Says” your pretentiousness has made poor James faint.Come on lads, help me pick him up so we can carry him to the doctors”

“But his bloody foot might stain my suit” Says Richard

“And this heat has weakened me so.I’m afraid I won’t be of much use.” Says Daniel

“Fine,I’ll do it myself” Says Miles, as he throws James over his shoulder and they all to walk out of the gate.

You decide to continue your walk but first you look around to see if you can find anything that says what is being built here.All you find is a worn out sign that you can barely read.You think it says something about free storiesĀ  and decide to make a note of the address encase anything ever becomes of it.

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