Out Walked A Cowman

My back story for the character Cowman from Armando Valenzuelas web comic www.atomiclaundromat.com


Carl Bovidaer,A brilliant geneticist on the quest to make the perfect cow. An accident causes one of the cow clones to grow as just a skin suit. But something was wrong,the skin was Alive.It’s brain had permeated every cell in it’s body.It had telepathic power and It desired more than to be locked away in a freezer, it wanted to be free to live life.But it needed a host,both to feed on their living energy and to move.

It used It’s power to call out to Carl, luring him in, telling him that if he would wear him he could make him feel unbound ecstasy by stimulating his brain. Carl quickly became addicted and obsessed with the suit.The company he worked for canceled his project when he failed to meet his deadline and they began to remove his research and clean out he lab.When they tried to take the suit he flew into a rage,Knocking over a large cabinet he crushed a member of the clean up crew.

As the crew called for security the suit began to talk to him “Now you’re a murderer, you’re going to jail for life.But I can help you,Put me on and I can help you escape.”

The crew tried to calm him down “Mr.Bovidaer it’s going to be all right,No one is going to hurt you it’s ok..”

“Just give me the suit!” Carl yelled,brandishing a cattle prod.He walked over and put on the suit.He backed out the door keeping the crew at bay with the prod.

“Now into the lab next door”The suit told him

“But I don’t have the code”Carl said

“I’ve been reading the other researchers minds,the code is 56827.They are working on a new self-contained Quad Laser system.You’re going to need it to get out of here alive.”

Carl entered to room and found the device.”It looks complicated” said Carl.

“I know how to use it,just put it in my udders,point at the wall and let me take care of the rest.” the suit said.

Carl stuffed the laser into the suit and within seconds the walls were blown to pieces and they were outside. the suit was overjoyed not only with its new-found freedom but also its new power.

“Oh..What am I going to do” Carl said”I can’t go home..I don’t have any money..”

“We can steal some” the suit whispered

“..Oh God! I just killed a man..I..I Can’t do this..I need to turn myself in..”

“NO! You had to do it ,they were trying to separate us,They were going to kill me.If you turn your self in they’ll destroy me and lock you away.What good will that do?Will it bring that man back to life?” the suit said

“No.” Carl replied

“But if you listen to me we can live like kings,and that will make me happy and if you keep me happy then I’ll keep you happy.” the suit said as he flooded Carls brain with all manner of feel good brain chemicals. “you wouldn’t want me to stop making you feel like this do you?

“No! Please don’t stop,I’ll do what ever you say.Where..Where should we go next?”

“Lets start with a trip to the bank…”

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